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ASDA Walmartone UK login HR management portal ( is used to access Walmart one ASDA total package, payslips(hourly), pay report, bonus scheme, expenses, pensions, benefits, discount cards, wellbeing benefits, recognition, holidays, personal information, leave and absence, etc.

Walmartone ASDA self-service web portal handles most of the payroll time-consuming tasks electronically. Manual calculation of Walmart employees’ salary, tax, attendance, etc is not possible by a single person. If done, it will take several hours.

To solve this problem and to save human resource management time Walmart developed OneWalmart ASDA ESS(employee self-service) web-based application for 24 hours service. It’s easy to access and takes a few seconds to open your personal employee account information in a few clicks.

ASDA Walmart one | 2-SV (2-Step Verification)

What is 2-SV? 2-SV is typically used for security reasons. If you access the ASDA Walmartone account on office systems then it’s “OK” but, if you wish to access the OneASDA account on your personal devices then you will be required for two-factor authentication.

Why do I need 2-SV? Providing a safety guard to your ASDA Walmartone account you need a 2-SV validation because in maximum time you will ask for 2-SV 6 digit code for ensuring that Walmartone ASDA data is completely safe.

Walmartone ASDA 2-Step Verification Process

2-Step verification is to be conducted for the strong security of your OneASDA account. Before accessing Walmartone ASDA UK personal account on your smartphone or other devices you should require 2SV verification. If you have not completed then do it now:

  • Search on your browser.
  • Type your ASDA PC User ID, Password, and select the county/region United Kingdom.
  • Hereafter click on the Sign In.
  • Now your name will display at the top corner of the website. If your name will not display, then log out from this profile and log in again with your personal details.
  • Right now you will land on 2 step verification welcome page. Here you need to choose a verification method.
  • Choose one option out of voice call, text messaging, and app to receive 6 digit code and submit them for verification.
  • After submitting the verification code you will verify to access your one Walmart ASDA account in your private system.
For 2-Step Verification(2-SV)Click Here

ASDA Walmartone UK Login

One.Walmart.Com software has been launched for Walmart UK staff to perform the payroll calculations. ASDA Walmartone UK login allows you to access your account online using your mobile/ tab/ computer/ laptop, etc.

  • Visit
  • Click on Login that will be displayed on the website’s top right corner.
ASDA walmartone
  • Enter your User ID, in the next box you need to select the county/region(select the United Kingdom).
  • At last, select the location and press on the Sign In option.
  • Hereafter complete the further process like submit the password and select the preferred method to receive a one-time authentication code.
Walmartone LoginClick Here

What is Walmart Identification Number (WIN)?

WIN assign to all the Walmart associates after joining. Walmart Identification Number(WIN) is a special identification code that works as social security number(SSN) to define that you are a Walmart associate.

Requirements of WIN

  • WIN code uses when you accessing your paystub online.
  • Clocking In & Out.
  • Also used in IVR call-in system for reporting absent and so on.

How to Find WIN?

Associates of Walmart if you don’t know what is your WIN. Then, to find your WIN you just follow the given guide.

  1. Simply visit one Walmart official login web page.
  2. Login to One.Walmart.Com with a valid login credential.
  3. After the successful login. Search WIN on the search box.
  4. Click on the top search result “Walmart Identification Number(WIN)” to find your WIN.
  5. Hereafter your WIN will display on the system screen.


ASDA Tech Service Desk6123/ 0113 826 1262
HR Department Help DeskCall on01132919000
Email on[email protected]
To Reset Login Credentials Call on479-273-4357

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What are the best browsers for the ASDA WalmartOne application?

There are three best browsers always recommended for accessing the WalmartOne ASDA application such as:
1. Apple Safari.
2. Mozilla Firefox.
3. Chrome.

What I do, if I forgot my One Walmart login Username and Password?

Walmart current and former associates if you have forgotten your One Walmart login credentials then call on 479-273-4357. This helpline starts to recreate and reset the forgotten username and password.

I’m new in Walmart Inc. How can I check my online payslips, my emp. benefits, and pension schemes?

To check the payslips, pension schemes and benefits plans you should visit, type your Sign In user ID, password, select the region, location and click on Sign In. Now you are eligible to view all the available benefits, offers, schemes, payslips, etc.

About Walmart

Walmart is a multinational America-based retail company started in 1962 by Sam Walton. Now Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world. The headquarter of Walmart is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Currently, Walmart has 11443 stores worldwide and more than 2.2 million are working in these Walmart stores.

ASDA is acquired by the American retailer company Walmart. One.Walmart.Com payroll portal is used by ASDA employees to access the payslips. Currently, ASDA has 165000 employees and is the parent company of Walmart.

Www.Walmart.Com is an official website used by Walmart Inc. customers for online shopping. and One.Walmart.Com is a payroll portal developed for Walmart employees to check payslips, benefits, and all.


Walmartone ASDA digital technology/ website or application specially made for Walmart associates. Walmart employees and employers log in at the ASDA Walmartone page to fulfill job-related basic and important needs. Sign in at One Walmart Com to retrieve, review, handle everything online.

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