BBC Freelancer Portal Payment Logon

BBC freelancer portal or say BBC freelancer payment portal (FPP) run online to view payment, accept their bookings for the BBC, update their personal details, and claim payments once the work is complete.

Login at BBC freelancer portal via UserID/ Personal number and password. It helps you to view your monthly payroll, claim expenses(PAYE freelancers and gross paid freelancers), pensions, request advances, claim disbursements, etc.

Registration for BBC Freelancer Portal

Registration for the BBC freelancer portal can’t be conducted by particulars. Freelancers’ registration for the BBC payment portal is done by the payroll department. If you are new to the BBC freelancer team then contact your HR department they help you to register yourself for an online payroll service.

BBC Freelancer Portal Login Process

The BBC Freelance portal is a secure and standard method for securing data over the internet. Visit at Freelancer portal and log in with valid, verified credentials. It allows you to access kinds of personal details online.

  • Visit
  • Now BBC freelancer web application will display on your system screen. Here you need to click on Get Paid.
  • Hereafter scroll down the cursor little bit and look your eyes on the Get Paid sub categories(mentioned at left hand side).
  • Click on the Freelance Payment Portal.
bbc freelancer portal
bbc freelancer portal
  • Now enter your UserID/Personal Number and password.
  • Click on the login.
BBC Freelance Portal LoginClick Here


How to reset the freelancer payment portal login password?

To reset the BBC freelancer payment portal login password you need to go to the online forgot password page. Visit the login page where you will see a forgot password button, after clicking on this you will redirect to the reset password form.

To reset your freelancer payment portal login password you need to enter your personal number here. If you are an Agent then enter your Agent ID to reset the password.

Can PAYE freelancers have now be moved to monthly payroll?

Yes, PAYE freelancers have now been moved to monthly payroll.


BBC Finance ContactsEmail on: ([email protected])
Call on: 020 3868 7369 (For outside the UK)
08000 988 106 (Toll-free number)
0460 (For dialing internally)
BBC HR contactsEmail: ([email protected]).
call: (0370 024 3477)


The BBC freelancer portal is a very confidential, secure, and fast application where freelancers and agents can book and view their personal records. This portal is fully searchable for bookers and freelancers to search people for work on projects and access their personal data online.

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