Mitie Payslips, P60, P11D At Mitie People Hub

Mitie Group staff has a digital payroll portal for its colleagues. Active employees’ Mitie payslips pdf and other pay documents digital records are available at the People Hub portal. Log in to SAP SuccessFactors using your enrolling username and password.

Mitie People Hub software is an online web portal where you can find everything related to the employee lifecycle. The was developed for the Mitie group’s employees and staff members.

To access the details from the Mite Payroll portal, you need a mobile device or personal computer. Once you have registered for login, you can view your personal profile and modify everything from it without getting any permission.

Mitie People Hub Online Registration

Mitie Group freshers, if you want to view and print the digital payslip report, you need to log in at People Hub using a validated login credential. If you don’t have this, just contact your line manager to get a unique username ID and password.

Mitie payroll online portal is used by the HR team to maintain Mitie working staff records and access by staff to get your Payslips(Old and New), update personal details, holidays, sickness and other absences, annual leave requests, Holidays, taxes, P60s, benefits, etc.

Mitie Payslips Login At Mitie People Hub

The payslip login page is very convenient to use and displays online payment data quickly. Colleagues should know their employee ID and password to log in.

If you have the login credentials, then follow the instructions.

  • Visit
Mitie Payslips
  • Now login with your login username and password.
  • Hereafter your digital profile will be opened, go to the My payslip(new) section.
  • You will now be redirected to the payment library. There, you will find individual folders for your Pay Slips and other Pay-related documents.
  • Click on the Payslip folder.
  • Hereafter, the payslip list will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now, you can view or print your payslip.
Direct Payslip Login PageClick Here

Reset your Login Password and Username

Mitie working staff, if you have payslip portal login details but when you log in, it shows the error, which means you have missed something or typed the wrong username or password.

In this condition, you should go to the reset section. To reset your username and password, click on? The Mark button will show beside the username and password.

To reset the username, you will need an associate email address, and to reset the password, you will need your username.

Mitie People Hub Portal Benefits

Mitie payroll (People Hub) is a very favourable web portal. The People Hub is a web application that processes the online data of company employees.

From the Portal, you can:

  1. View your digital profile and update your personal profile details.
  2. Access Sickness, Holidays, and other absences.
  3. New and old salary slips and other pay statement PDFs.
  4. Help guides & videos.
  5. Ask HR For Queries


If you’re a Mitie employee and have any questions during this time, please contact your line manager.

Calling Support0330 123 4005


Can new Mitie employees be eligible to access their payslips online?

Yes, the Mitie payroll portal asks for a login username and password before displaying the payslip online. You can receive login details from your line manager and log in to the People Hub login page to access the online pay documents.

Can I able to receive Mitie’s paper payslip from the HR office?

No, Mitie employees’ payslips are released online. Offline or paper payslips are not available in the Mitie HR department. All Mitie employees can check and print their payslips from the safe and secure Mitie payroll portal.

How do I activate the SuccessFactors mobile app using a QR code?

It’s very simple. Mitie employees in the company can use the QR code to activate the Mitie people hub SuccessFactors app. Let’s learn how to do this.

Visit the People Hub login page, click on the “Activate Mobile App using QR Code” and scan the QR code with your mobile device, hereafter enter your username and password to activate the mobile app.

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Mitie organization has an online payroll system called the People Hub. It will help you check your payslips and personal and account details online. Let’s prepare to view your electronic payslip, P60s, P11Ds, and other updates.

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    My name is Ismael Ouedraog, I was a MITIE employee but got transfer to Amberstone security on the 1st of March 2021, I would like to request my payslips from February and March, also my P60s, I have tried to logging the system do not found my details I was advice to by the my area manager to contacted MITIE PEOPLE HUB.

  2. I am trying to get on my payslips I work for mitie my payroll num is … my name is Julie Bannon it’s saying the wrong email user name can you help thank you.

  3. I can not log on to peoples hub. I have re-set my password five times and still no joy.

    I have spoken to help desk , who gave me the work order number.
    I haven’t heard anything back yet and still can’t log on.
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