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OCS has Mypal OCS and web-based platform that often serves as the single point of access for OCS employees’ payslips, P60s, benefits, and other information.

My pal OCS staff portal works smoothly 24 hours/7 days to its employees. So, as an OCS employee, you should log in to the Mypal benefits and employee portal for finding work-related information online.

All the OCS working staff may use this Mypal portal to access some major information from their professional profile. The OCS Mypal portal is easy to open with any supportable gadget.

But the registration is compulsory, if you are not registered for Mypal online payroll benefits then enroll first.

Mypal OCS Employees Register Online

Registration on the OCS Mypal staff portal, helps employers keep track of employee payroll information conveniently and helps employees to easily access and understand data.

To register for Mypal OCS payslips visit, go to the I’m new get started text link, and now type your DOB, Postcode, and payroll number and submit these registration details by clicking on the register button. Hereafter verify your email and get ready to use the payroll service.

For New Registration Click Here

Mypal Login

Employees do Mypal Login to update some profile details and view current and former salary slips, taxes, benefits, and other applicable details.

To see online payment reports you should require the compulsory login process. Let’s understand how to do it.

  • To log into Mypal visit
mypal ocs
  • Type your registered email address and password.
  • Specify I’m not a robot.
  • Now click on the Log In.
  • after this login process, your digital profile will open on your operation system.
For Mypal Login Click Here
Employee PortalClick Here
Official Website

OCS Mypal Login Password – Reset Steps

Remember that every login password is case-sensitive. So, always make a memorable password. OCS Mypal portal users if you have forgotten the login password and don’t know how to reset it. Just go to the given links to reset the password in a few minutes.

Forgot OCS Employee Portal Password?Reset here
Forgot Mypal OCS password?Reset Here

Benefits of Mypal OCS Portal

OCS payroll portal is very useful and becomes very beneficial to all those employees who work in OCS. Through login, employees are eligible to access various helpful stuff.

From the official portal, you can:

  1. Check/print your payslips.
  2. View tax statements.
  3. Check P60s
  4. Know about employees’ benefits.
  5. Insurances and all.


If you have any query then call on given number for a better answer.

Calling Support0844 846 7608


I’m an OCS employee, can I able to view/print my historic payslips from the Mypal OCS portal?

Yes, all the working staff are validated to access their historic payslips from the Mypal portal. If you are an employee of OCS and want to access your previous week/month/year payslip then log into the Mypal payroll portal.

What is OCS Group Head Office Address?

Tilgate Forest Business Park, Brighton Road, Crawley West Sussex RH11 9BP.

Does OCS Group also give offline Payslips to its employees?

No, to share the employee’s payslips OCS has its own MyPal payroll portal. If you want to receive upcoming payslips and want to check past payslips then login to the OCS portal. otherwise, you do not have any other offline resources to get it.

About OCS

OCS is the UK’s Windows and General Cleaning company. It was started in the year 1900 and in 1930 renamed as Office Cleaning Services. Now, OCS serves its services in various countries like the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and many more. Currently, the OCS group has more than 86,000 colleagues.

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Mypal OCS staff portal is used by OCS employers and employees to update, view, print, and download various essential information online. Login at OCS’s self-driven, fast, and secure web portal any time and anywhere.

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