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Poundland is a retail company that provides its services across the United Kingdom. The colleagues of Poundland can view their Poundland payslips from the Poundland MyView portal.

To provide online payslips, work schedules, and personal details related to data, Poundland developed the My View Poundland portal.

By visiting the official portal and using your surname and colleague number you can access these personal details with a single click.

What is Myview Poundland?

This online system is developed only for the organization’s use which means employees/colleagues of Poundland are authorized people to access this online payslip portal.

Before accessing the portal you need login credentials such as surname and colleague number. If you do not have the login credentials then ask your manager to provide you with login credentials.

If you have these credentials then follow the below given complete guide about the MyView Poundland payslip.

Check Poundland MyView Payslip Online

As you all know payslip is a valid document of your employment. On the payslip, you get complete details about the salary slip, PF, bonus, deduction, and extra pay-related information.

Paper payslip time flies and now you get your payslip in digital format. This means you can get the payslip pdf and print it when you need a paper copy of your payslip.

To access the payslip online you need a mobile/laptop or computer and an internet connection. After this visit the official portal and access your payslip pdf. Here are the steps that help you to view the payslip online.

STEP 1. Visit the official Myview portal i.e. www.mypoundland.co.uk.

Poundland MyView
Poundland MyView

STEP 2. On the homepage, the login page will appear. Now enter your surname and colleague number in the required section.

STEP 3. Next, click on the login button.

STEP 4. After this, your Poundland Dashboard will open. On your dashboard click on the View payslips to view the latest payslip.

Poundland My ViewVisit Here
Official Portalmypoundland.co.uk

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How do I view my Poundland Payslip?

When new colleagues join Poundland they ask how to view the payslip from the Poundland MyView portal. Here is the answer to this question.

To access the payslip log in at www.mypoundland.co.uk using your Surname and Colleague number and last click on Login. Then from your Poundland dashboard click on View payslip.

How can I find the nearest Poundland store?

To find the nearest store in Poundland, visit the Poundland.co.uk website. Then click on the Store Finder section available at the top header. Then enter your town name, and postcode and click on the Go button to get the list of nearest Poundland stores.

How can I find my colleague’s number?

Don’t know your colleague’s number? you should ask your manager. Only your line manager will give you this number.

About Poundland

Poundland is a store chain in the United Kingdom. Poundland was founded back in 1990 and now it is one of the top stores in the United Kingdom. Dave Dodd and Steven Smith are the founders of Poundland.

The headquarters of Poundland is located at the Willenhall. Currently, Poundland has stores in more than 896 locations. Poundland provides all the essentials such as food & drink, Pet food, Stationery, Health, and Beauty Items.

In 2014 Poundland was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Every week around 7 Million customers do shopping from the Poundland stores. In 2015 Poundland made £1 billion in turnovers.


My colleagues at Poundland are a little bit confused about the My View Poundland Payslip in the above section, we provided a complete guide about the login steps. Follow the above-given steps to visit the MyView Poundland website for your monthly/weekly payslip.

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