The SODEXO Reward Hub Login At Employee Benefits Portal

The Sodexo Reward Hub can be accessed only by Sodexo employees. Go to, enter the reward hub, and sign in using the recognized credential.

The Sodexo new reward hub is built strictly for Sodexo employees, who are the only users authorized and recognized by this online system. If not registered for new rewards then a self-registration online service is also available.

Sodexo Rewards hub allows you to access your payment information, download Sodexo paystub, check employee benefits, discover rewards, access recognition programs, view schedules, timesheets, and more.

Sodexo Reward Hub Online Registration

How to register with the Sodexo rewards hub? if employees do not have a Sodexo hub personal account. You need to register first to access all the new rewards.

Sodexo employees cannot be able to use the Reward Hub, and its facilities if they are not registered with the system. So, let me tell you how to set up your account.

  • Go to
  • Click on the left-hand side Register Now ->
  • Enter your employee number, Nationa Insurance Number or Personal Public Service Number, Date of Birth, email address, and password (all details are required).
  • Click on the Register button.

Now, you will receive an activation email, within 48 hours you need to click on the received activation link to complete the registration.

The Sodexo Rewards Hub Login Steps

Authorized Sodexo employee, do you have a Sodexo work email address? You just ‘Enter Reward Hub’ and sign in to access new rewards, and other employee benefits online.

Employees who are in the Sodexo network will be able to access the new site through Single Sign On.
otherwise asked to enter their login credentials.

STEP 1. Visit

sodexo reward hub

STEP 2. Click on Enter Reward Hub ->

STEP 3. Now, the sign-in page will open on your system screen.

sodexo hub

STEP 4. Enter your username and password.

STEP 5. Click on Sign In.

To Enter the Reward HubClick Here
Official Website

Sodexo Helpline

Call Solution line0870 755 0055
Calling Support855-763-3964 (855-SodexoHR)
Technical Help888-667-9111
Trouble Logging In? Email

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How can I request a temporary unique code?

During registration, if you do not have a National Insurance Number(NIN), then you need to request a temporary unique code. Send your request to

I’m retired from Sodexo, how can I access my payroll?

If you are retired, leaving, or have recently left Sodexo then, more than 3 months ago, the access for your old Employee ID will have been removed. You need to contact payroll at for any pay-related queries.

Did you forget your Sodexo hub password?

If yes, then it’s easy to reset again. The sign-in portal allows all authorized employees to reset their forgotten passwords themself. Go to the Sodexo sign-in page, where you will see a forget your password click on that, enter your username, and click on continue for further verification.

How can I recover my Sodexo hub user name?

If you are a Sodexo North America employee and want to recover your user name then you can do this. Go to the sign-in page, and click on Forgot your user name? Now the requesting form will open, enter your Last Name, Last 4 numbers of SSN, employee ID, and captcha code, and click on Continue. Hereafter further instructions will display on your screen.

How can I find my Employee ID number?

Sodexo employees, if you do not know your employee ID, ask via email at Don’t forget to enter your full name, date of birth, and national insurance number.


Sodexo Hub is a payroll/payslips, rewards, and employee benefits solution system. The information you are attempting to access from the reward hub Sodexo is directly related to you for your personal use.

May this article become helpful to Sodexo employees, Here in this article, I have shared how to log in, register for rewards, payslips, and other personal documents, reset passwords, recover usernames, and all.

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